How to apply

Perform a self assessment

• Make sure that you understand the Fossil Free Data label criteria and that your data center fulfills these criteria.

• Gather or prepare adequate documentation to verify fulfillment.

• Contact Node Pole in case of questions.

Submit application

Submit your application (including verifying documentation) directly on the Fossil Free Data website or download the application form and send by email to:

Conformity assessment

Upon receipt of application, Node Pole will acknowledge your application and forward the application to a third-party certification body. The certification body will examine all submitted documentation and give initial feedback within a 2-month period. At that time, additional documentation may be requested to clarify fulfillment of criteria.

Approval through third-party certification body

The certification body makes a recommendation of approval to Node Pole based on the conformity of the Fossil Free Data criteria.

Application approval/label award

If your application is successful in passing all the certification criteria, Node Pole will send you:

• A Letter of Certification, including the legal name of the applicant, the geographical location of the Data Center and the date of certification. This certification will be sent in original by post and a copy will be sent by e-mail.

• The Fossil Free Data label in various formats, including guidelines how to use the label.

• At the designated date of certification, NodePole will add your company name to the list of certified companies and post that information on the Fossil Free Data website.

Criteria compliance

• To retain your certification, you are required to notify Node Pole of changes in your application as well as adverse events that may affect compliance against assessment criteria. Random controls for compliance will be performed by the certification body in order to secure compliance.

• NCP (Non-Compliance Penalties) TBC.

Type of fee - Amount

Application fee* EUR - 3,500 + VAT per DC
Annual  license fee EUR - 3,000 + VAT per year

*When the applicant is a micro-enterprise, the fee is reduced by 50%. A micro-enterprise is in this context
defined as an enterprise with less than 10 employees and an annual turnover below EUR 2 million.

Valid from 01.06.2019

Application for the Fossil Free Data label

Do you want to apply for the Fossil Free Data Label or would you like more information about it? Submit your details below!
If you rather would like to apply thru a paper form, please download this pdf and send it to with the enclosed verifications.

  1. Confirmation from supplier of cancellation of energy attribute certificates equivalent to the energy consumption.
    Max file size 10MB.
  2. PUE value as per criterion B, ISO/IEC 30134-2, 12 months rolling average, together with a description/verification of how and where the measurements are performed.
    Max file size 10MB.
  3. Verification of any (if required) additional Power Purchase Agreements.
    Max file size 10MB.
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