The global label for sustainable data

The Fossil Free Data Label represents successful sustainability efforts for data centers that meet strict energy-efficient measures.


Enable green data centers

Data is changing the way we live. It has the potential to help solve some of mankind’s biggest challenges, including climate change. However, if we don’t handle and store data sustainably, it risks becoming an environmental problem by consuming massive amounts of CO2 in data centers across the world. The Fossil Free Data Label is a competitive and comparative tool for sustainability leaders.

say it is important that brands they choose make a positive impact to society.
can imagine to opt for a provider of access/service that is helping fight climate change.
say it is important that internet companies lower their carbon footprint.


"Google’s Kava Looks to Take Data Center Sustainability to the Next Level"

As he stood on stage in Monaco to accept a major industry award for data center sustainability, Joe Kava’s first thought was to share the honor with his entire team at Google. His second thought: Let’s take this to the next level.



"Data centER operators under pressure to embrace sustainability"

The rise in climate change activism across the globe means consumers are becoming increasingly likely to vote with their feet and shun brands that do not operate in a sustainable way, and data center operators must prepare.



"A new global standard for green data centers"

Data centers, like other industries, have been labelled as a contributor to global warming. There they sit, using power generated by fossil fuels in their racks, burning even more energy in their cooling mechanisms, and releasing dissipated hot air into the atmosphere.




AS A SHOPPER, you can chose from labels touting a product’s chemical-free nature (Certified Organic), genetic makeup (Non-GMO), and effect on tropical ecosystems (Shade Grown). Now you could start to encounter a label that certifies that your daily internet traffic is sustainable as well.


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Why A Fossil Free Data Label?

Through the Fossil Free Data label Node Pole aims to set a new transparent standard for sustainable and fossil free data. Node Pole is in a unique position to take a leadership role in sustainable data based on location, network, knowledge and capacity.

As the tech industry develops, they see the need for a more proactive sustainability perspective and want to help ambitious companies demonstrate their sustainability efforts. This is why Node Pole introduces a transparent label for Fossil Free Data.